Managed Care Referrals

In certain types of health insurance known as “point-of-service” (POS) or “health maintenance organization” (HMO) plans, patients must designate a primary care physician to be the coordinator of their medical care. In many cases, these plans require the patient to discuss certain tests and procedures as well as any consultations with specialists with their primary physician before scheduling the visit with a specialist or the test.

Some of the physicians in our office are part of the above type of insurance network. If you are in such a network and have designated one of our physicians as your primary care physician, please note the following information:

When you and your primary physician conclude that a specialist or outside test is warranted, and the provider of that service is part of your insurance network, our office can obtain authorization for the specialist or the test from your insurer. Unless the problem is an emergency, please provide us with at least 2 business days to process a referral authorization.