Privacy Information

We are required by law to provide you certain information regarding the privacy and confidentiality of your health information.  You will be asked to sign a form at your initial appointment to acknowledge that you received this information from us.

If there are outside medical records you would like sent to our office for your doctor to review, please send a medical record release form to the outside facility.

Because of Federal HIPAA requirements, requests for copies of our medical records must be made in writing, including a release of confidentiality signed by the patient or legal guardian. A fee is charged for this service. Insurance companies requesting records typically obtain your signature before directly making these requests of us. If you personally want a copy of your records for yourself or to send to another physician, we request that you contact us for the release form. Then please send all requests with the signed release to our office, addressed to Medical records, in care of your physician. Once the request and the fee have been received, the turnaround time for copying and mailing records is approximately 10 business days. Thank you for your cooperation with this policy.